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Beachy Head
PA474-City Of Lincoln Lancaster

As you look at the photograph of the Battle of Britain Flight's Lancaster, think of the tens of thousands of young airmen who, during World War II, left British shores flying over Beachy Head.

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A momentous occasion
The Unveiling and Dedication

The Bomber Command Tribute Beachy Head will be formally unveiled and dedicated at
2:00PM on Sunday 8th July 2012

Everyone is welcome to attend this wonderful event to show their respect for the 55,573 who made the ultimate sacrifice. It is advisable to arrive in good time. The location of the Memorial site can be found with the following information:

            Ordnance Survey X (Eastings)   559114
            Ordnance Survey Y (Northings)   095683
            Nearest Post Code   BN20 7YA
            Latitude (WGS84)   N50:44:20 (50.738965)
            Longitude (WGS84)   E0:15:13 (0.253617)
            LandRanger   TV591956

In descriptive terms, walk towards the sea (walking on a South East heading) from the car park next to the Beachy Head hotel, crossing the Beachy Head Road. You will pass two stone monuments. Continue for approx 40m (45yds) until you reach a footpath. This is the 'Peace Path'. Turn right onto the path (heading roughly South) and continue for approx 220m (240yds) to a point where the Peace Path takes a horseshoe shaped curve toward the sea. In the centre of the horseshoe shape you will find the Memorial.

If you visit Google Maps and enter the post code into the map search bar, you should be able to zoom in to see where the path goes. Alternatively click this link:
Google Map Link for Bomber Command Tribute Beachy Head

There will be a cordoned area providing space around the Memorial for those officiating to carry out the event. Please respect this cordoned area.


A milestone day - 26/06/12

On Tuesday, 26th June 2012 the Bomber Command Tribute Beachy Head (BCTBH) became a reality. A momentous day, attended by hundreds of people, saw the culmination of a project Joe Williams has aimed for over decades. Stalwart support from Eastbourne District Council and the BCTBH committee of dedicated individuals has enabled us to get to this point. But it is the driving force of the instigator, CEO and Chairman, Joe Williams, that has finally pushed this project to completion.

The RAF, keen to remember the bravery of those boys from 70 years ago, worked with the stone masons and a specialist crane company to deliver and erect the memorial. The memorial now stands in a very special spot on Beachy Head. The stonework and crane were flown in by RAF Chinook helicopter. This helped us avoid damage to this site of special scientific interest.

But the story does not end there. In order to complete this project before the winter set in again, after numerous setbacks, personal loans have been taken out to ensure completion. We also have to look at the longer term future, maintenance and insurance of the memorial. Please don't think that we no longer need funds. Please consider donating towards this wonderful cause. It makes no difference if it is 50 pence or 500 pounds. Every donation is important and helps us now and in the future.

Think of the 55,573 who gave their lives so that we can live ours. We should, must, remember them, and through BCTBH we will do just that, keeping a sentinel of remembrance at that special piece of land that was, for many, many thousands, the last sight of their homeland.



Why Beachy Head?

Of the 110,000 who flew with Bomber Command, 55,573 never returned, having made the ultimate sacrifice. For many of them the white cliffs of Beachy Head were the very last sight of their homeland. Beachy Head was the point of departure from British soil for all RAF bombing raids to targets in the central, southern and eastern parts of enemy territory. The more direct route from the many RAF bases in central and northern England would have been across East Anglia. This route could not be used because of the huge presence of the 8th USAAF in that area. The Bomber Command Tribute Beachy Head will be the only operationally relevant Memorial to Bomber Command.

Bomber Command Tribute Beachy Head is to recognise the sacrifice of those thousands of young men by erecting an elegant and permanent memorial to the 55,573, on Beachy Head.

This website provides information about the project and will be continually updated with the latest news so please visit regularly.

You will also find how you can support the erection of Memorial. We know many, many people will wish to play a part in remembering the 55,573 who gave their lives to protect our freedoms. You can support and be part of the project by making a donation to this worthy cause.

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